About Doug

A very brief writer bio for Douglas Thomas Greening.

Born in the early 1960s to a broken home in Toronto, Canada, and an even more broken mother, Doug’s early years developed in him a burning desire to make something of himself.  With next to no guiding role models, he had to figure it out mostly by himself.

Books helped

Summers were spent with his grandparents in Buffalo, New York, and at least they were stable, sane, and fully able to teach him the valuable principles of life.  Returning home to his mother he would frequently come back to a new school, a new place to live, and yet another role model father. Breaking loose at 15, he did what he had to do to eat, put some coin in his pocket, and find a roof over his head.

By the time he had turned 18, he already had a full repertoire of characters and experiences that would serve any writer well to draw upon.  If only he didn’t have to make a living, he might have had all those awards, published books, and writing credentials to place into his bio.  

More Excuses

The next 30 years were spent remaking himself, from short-order cook to restaurant manager, from a maintenance coder to VP of R&D with an industrial manufacturer, and then on to owning and operating a corporate ISP through to an executive on a merger and acquisition team for a global financial institute.

There was no time to write fiction, no time to tell the stories or drive home emotions that would carry readers on a journey.  Millions of words were written to convince people to do things, make decisions the way he wanted them to be made, to influence outcomes and projects, and business.  Just business as usual.

Then the pandemic came along…

In 2021, the world changed.  People changed. People reevaluated what was important, what their life meant, and what they wanted to do with it.

And Doug did too.

Welcome to the website of Douglas Thomas Greening.  The fiction writer.

Doug lives in southern Arkansas with his wonderful, supportive and tolerant wife of 20 plus years.