Affiliate Disclosure

What is an Affiliate Disclosure?

An affiliate disclosure statement is an FTC-mandated practice. If affiliate links are added to any web pages they have to be disclosed that they are affiliate links. 


This website,, may include affiliate links to a company’s website using what’s known as an affiliate or referral link. If you end up buying a product that you found via my link, I should get a commission from the vendor.

Sometimes the commission is a few pennies, sometimes a few dollars, and sometimes more. It could be a one-time commission or sometimes it’s a rolling commission — so if you sign up for a monthly subscription service I might get a portion of that monthly fee until you unsubscribe.

If you purchase a product via any of my links it does not cost you any more than it would if you found the vendor on your own. That’s how affiliates work. It is the intention of this site to provide an indicator of when a link is an affiliate link.